What is Teeny Town?
Teeny Town is a place so interesting kids wish to come again and again, offering lots of fun, entertainment, action, adventure, role play, dining and much much more under one roof.

Where is Teeny Town Located?
Teeny Town is within your approach located in
Plot No. 2, Second Floor
Road no. 85, NWA, Club Road,
Punjabi Bagh (W), New Delhi 110026

Is there an age limit?
Yes, Kids more than 6 months to 12 years can be a part of Teeny Town’s kids activities.

How much is the price?

Particulars Rate ₹ Validity Introductory Discount Rate after Discount ₹
1 Hour Play Pack 500 NA 33.33% 350
2 Hour Play Pack 900 NA 33.33% 600
Additional Hour Pack
( Applicable After 2 hour play pack )
300 NA 33.33% 200
Extra Adult Pack 200 NA 33.33% 150

Membership Packages

Particulars Rate ₹ Validity Introductory Discount Rate after Discount ₹
05 Hours Play Pack 2250 One Months 33.33% 1500
10 Hours Play Pack 4000 One Months 33.33% 2650
20 Hours Play Pack 7000 One Months 33.33% 4650
30 Hours Play Pack 9000 Three Months 33.33% 6000
60 Hours Play Pack 18000 Three Months 33.33% 12,000

Can I organize a party at Teeny Town?
Yes, you may plan a birthday party or the theme party in Teeny Town. Blow candles, have delicious cake, enjoy with family and friends. You may also plan a kitty party here. Leave your kids to enjoy them with their friends and you enjoy the company of your friends.