Yoga Day Blog

The virtual era kids are almost native to this world of plastic imaginations. It’s virtual reality all along. In the indoor world of computer games, Teeny Town has always imagined an environment bright and safe for kids to leave the video games and VR boxes behind and to jump in the playtoys of our toy world! We have encouraged kids to expand their imaginations beyond the boundaries of books and syllabus and learn from every activity, like playing itself. Playing is no more just playing, its learning and training ourselves as well. Our mantra has sought our way forward and we at Teeny Town have come up with a fascinating idea to celebrate our spirit. Yoga Day, a day that inspires us to be calm, to be in shape, to be healthy and to be even spiritual! Our kids need to learn the basic tactics of keeping their bodies fit and imbibe the art of healthy living. Teeny Town’s positive environment has always gifted the little angels a fantabulous fun-time but now it’s time to have some qualitative lessons. Yoga helps in both our physical and mental health and the next generation needs it more than ever. On the day, our pupils will engage in yoga practices under the special guidance and you can join in with your kids too!
I believe it’s our lifestyle that makes what we are, what we are bound to be, to aspire, to achieve. It’s all about how we choose to live and if we choose Yoga, it’s sure to have some advantages for sure. And it’s not only a good for a plan it’s fantastic even when you practice. A day with a Yoga workshop can teach you the basic techniques that you continue with your little one in your own free time! I Teeny Town will provide you the perfect environment for such a bright workshop.