What you wish to be when you grow up?

We all had those little dreams of being such and such in our golden years of childhood! Remember playing around being the hero from your dream profession. It’s just like we all had such hurry in growing up, we couldn’t wait till we actually do. Just to be like mom and dad, to act like all grown up, to sit and talk, really ‘discuss’ things and not only blabber. We just did blabber though about all our growing up fantasy-land to our teeny weeny buddies.
I remember my dream. It was to be a detective. I and my best buddy would role play as Nancy Drew and Ema Drew. Obviously there wasn’t any Ema Drew, we had to make that character up so that I actually have a role in my elder sister’s fantasy land! Obviously I was the assistant and she was the ‘Nancy’. Know how age advantages would play in favor of the little elder ones than the rather younger ones in our good old childhood days! What a drag that was. But it was utmost fun too. We would invent treasures from underneath the heaps of discarded stuffs in our attics and discover hidden routes to our back alleys, which a straight road takes just about a 5 minutes’ walk. But anyway, discovering something on our own was, oh, so gorgeous!
It was overwhelming at the time when we were actually playing our grown up dream characters, living a life that I have always wanted to live. My role-playing days made me choose to be who I am today, how I look at things and how I have framed my reasoning and logicalities, how I have developed an understanding of things that are happening around us. And most of all, it gave me the power which I use in every walk of my life, the power of imaginations.
That’s how Teeny Town prepares our kids for their lifelong walk. They help them expand their imaginations. Their role-playing activity actually enable them to live the life they actually want to live when they grow up and decide upon their profession, their livelihood, their way of life.