Playground days are not over it’s just indoor!

Kids are the future geniuses nowadays! All of them would know how to handle a tab, post something on snapchat, and download a new app or binge watch cartoon series! But the playground paradise that we all grew up with is now the traits of a bygone era. Who to blame, the number of playgrounds are now limited. And with the extreme weathers of Delhi, stubborn summers making it too hot to even go out of the shade and bone-chilling winters and monsoons making it gloomy and patchy it has become nearly impossible for the kids to enjoy a play-ground routine and play with other kids. But we are not to succumb to the situation, so we offer a perfect alternative for your kids to enjoy the play-ground time. We offer you the most fun indoor playground ever. The idea is to extend playground to its physical form to a space where they can engage in playing with their kiddie-buddies.

Kids here come to play, to make bonds with other kids and to recreate their imaginations with a vast variety of playthings and play-zones. Kids love to role-play and free their imagination to let it flow wherever it wants to take them. Our Role- play activities provide them the playthings they need and the spaces they can make use of to let their imagination flow and grow. They experience world full teeny tiny things in the Role- play activities of the Teeny Town. The fun begins as they learn more about the world around them. The Teeny Town, it’s the perfect town for its teeny kidizens to grow.

The Teeny Town offers the kidizens a zone where they become the masterchef, so if your kid is into kitchen and cooking let them experience what would it feel like to feel and act like a real chef.

If your kids are into fashion then the best playzone for them is the Saloon. It’s a best place to pretend and play the expert where they could give you a make- over and hair-styling.

Do you have a doctor growing up in front of you. Then why not introducing them to the space where they could get a firsthand experience of the pretend and play of a day in doctor’s lives. Give them an opportunity to become a doctor.

The Teeny town even has a supermarket for your kid to handle. They will operate, talk to the customers, handle cash counters or check the stock inventory on their own.

Is your kid into adventure books and expeditions, give them a firsthand experience of how it feels to camp under an open sky. They will pack their bags and live inside a ten, climb a huge wall and experience every man-vs-wild pretend game. Isn’t it adventurous?

Teeny town offers your kid a sportsman’s life, how about exploring that? If your little one is growing up to be a sportsman let them experience the basics of team building, strategy making, competition and winning power. They will learn this at a very early stage and this will get them focused to gain a sporting spirit.

The Teeny Town offers your toddler a softer playground. The soft floors and toys here are perfect for your little toddler. They can play around with liberty and you won’t have to worry about them hurting themselves!

The versatile indoor playground of The Teeny Town offers you a whole world full of options for them to physically play and experience the real life playground without the scorching summer heats or the chilling winters of Delhi. When do we have our play-date then?

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