What do moms want?

“What do you want to be when you grow up?”
-“I want to be just like my mom”
This was the best reply I have heard from a pupil in Teeny Town. Just when it strikes me precisely this is what her mom wants! We all have our role models whom we look up to and we want to be just like them when we grow up. We dress like them, try to talk like them, believe in their ideas and ideologies, we even try to look like them. But guess what the more we try, the more we realize that we are looking like our very own role model who was the reason for our existence upon this planet. No matter how much we try, we end up looking a lot like them, we end up following their fashion traits and even our ideas and ideologies are shaped by them, we cannot escape the influence of our mothers in our life. Isn’t that what a mom wants?
She is there for us, whenever we need her, and whenever we do not realize that we do need her. She would eat less and stay up all night just to comfort her little one; she craves for sleep and a little time off from her motherhood. She also needs some ‘me-time’, but we do not realize that. She is always reminding us about things to do which we tend to forget. Only when we realize she has stopped nagging us, we start missing her annoying little nags. She has never bothered for herself and always given the most for her children. And mothers’ day is just to salute all those super humans in the disguise of moms.
Mothers’ day is round the corner and we at Teeny Town have plans. We have planned to create the best possible mothers’ day experience for the person we owe our lives to. Don’t worry Mom, here is your chance to spend some quality time with your kiddie and your entire circle of mom friends. Get them all together and let’s celebrate mothers’ day! It is just round the corner and we are all planning the best day possible for Momzy! But what actually does she want? Does she want jewellery, flowers? A nice Brunch, a little time away from their screaming kids? According to a survey in the Parenting magazine did say that it’s not jewellery or flowers rather time off, sleep and a clean house. Well, don’t worry Mom, Teeny town has got you a day off from responsibilities and a perfect celebration with your mom friends.
If you need a break from all the responsibilities just leave it to us and plunge into the pleasures of innocence. Spend some quality time with your little ones and enjoy your day without worrying about any of the responsibilities. Draw and make arts and crafts with your little bundle of joy and explore motherhood in a whole new way, this mothers’ day only at Teeny Town.