The Teeny Town mother-toddler program!

The best thing that ever happened to me was my little princess, my baby girl! As soon as my baby was born as if I was born again, as a mother! The first time I touched her, I felt like god, I created this little bundle of love, I could connect to my baby at so many levels, I could touch her little toe, kiss her chicks so soft, but I wouldn’t, for it might just wake her up. It was the greatest day of my life. For months we were inseparable, I wouldn’t let her out of my sight for a fraction of a second, I wouldn’t leave her to anyone and she wouldn’t either, she was one of those really Mommy-clingy babies. I wouldn’t lie, I loved it.

But dreams wouldn’t last forever, growing up came a bit too early. Before I even noticed she became 9 months toddler. One day one of my relatives asked me, when I was planning to put her in pre-school, in 18th months or in 24 months! That thought shook me; I wasn’t ready to let my baby go away from my sight even for a minute. I thought to myself, we really need to prepare myself and my little bundle of love for her toddling time. I signed us up for a mother-toddler program at the Teeny Town! And life was never more fun. The hours I spent with my little toddler there was magical. I met other mommies who ever going through a similar phase, speaking to them cleared my mind a lot, we even formed a group where we would discuss toddler issues, programs, places we could take our toddlers to, toddler celebratory events where my kiddie will have the most amazing time with her kiddie-buddies. But most importantly I had the best time with my Kiddo.

Toddlers at Teeny Town

The mother-toddler program at the teeny town is not only versatile and it’s scientific. It is designed putting much research into it. It offers different activities that would capture a toddlers mind for the betterment of them. It would introduce the world that they were about to enter. It would give them the first notion of socializing, introduce them to others and they would make their first kiddie buddies. It’s a golden moment when your kiddie first comes across the concept of friendship. The program also introduces them to the values of everything it also teaches them many other life lessons.

It enables their imagination to take a hike and leap on. Children do not have inhibition. Their imaginations could create wonders. What we as parents sometimes would not understand is that our child needs a free environment to make her own choices so that going forward in future they become emotionally independent. The Teeny Town provides us that free environment, devoid of inhibitions of possibilities, to dare to dream.

It nurtures the creativity of your toddler. It’s the first time when my child was introduced to the idea of creativity, of art. I was amazed by the little drawings made by my little one. I noticed they are starting to have a deep understanding of life around them.

Research shows parents who are involved in their little ones educational growth can actually make a huge difference in their child’s educational triumph. Teeny Town Mother-Toddler program is just an introduction to that! Finally I felt I was actually ready to let go of her teeny tiny hand for her to embrace a new environment, a new life! Mother- Toddler Program at teeny town opened the door to the wonderful life of pre-school for my little bundle of love!

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