Teeny Town, The Fastest Growing Kids Zone Where Kids’ Rule!

Destination Fun, you got to be thinking of The Teeny Town.
Talk about fun unlimited? It’s Teeny Town. A place where kids feel at home? Teeny Town it is. A place that would tickle your childhood nostalgia, it’s none other than Teeny Town.
“When I think of taking my little one to a place where I could finally forget worrying about him, I have always chosen Teeny Town”, says Rekha Agarwal.
It’s safer than home, even after baby-proofing! Now kids can finally play with liberty and have a lot of fun without mum following him around and tell him not to touch this and not to sit on that and not to put those in his mouth. Because Teeny Town has professionally wrapped itself in a safety net for kids’ sake, so that everything that they come across is clean and safe and warm!
It’s like one of those treasure domes for kids where they would be bedazzled hunting new treasures everywhere. Be it the toys or the rides or the role-play activities. It’s like double the fun. Mom is happy not worrying about her little one and he/she is happy being lost in the world of amazement. There are artifacts to make, he/she can paint, and he/she can become a make-believe chef and serve us a bowl full of supper or solve the tricky puzzles. It’s all so much fun. Celebrate your kid’s Birthday here, a Teeny Town Birthday. It’s special because they treat your every need specially. They take care of the invitation cards, decorations, your food and dessert, they gift you an amazing party. A proper will-thought-out and perfectly executed wish fulfilling Birthday party that your kid will brag about in his school. Let him be! Now he can take all his little gang to the Teeny Town and explore lots of wonderful activities. They will decorate a beautiful cake for him, and their favorite. There will be lots of balloons and gifts and every little thing you want for a wonderful Birthday experience. You could see my kid’s happy face at that moment! Imagine what they would say to you. Seven year old Sneha says ‘I want to come here again and again.’ It’s a toddler’s heaven, soft and clean. Everything they touch loves them back. They can be free.
Monica Nigam said that kids’ like the place, toddlers like this place, everything about this place. It has as many choices for your kids as they choose to explore. And it’s more fun because it’s learning. All the games at Teeny Town train your kid to be focused to solve problems to build team and grow a deeper understanding. The best part about Teeny Town is that it is a fantastic place to celebrate your special occasions. You might want to have a little kitty party and they have the right place, the perfect decoration the finest arrangements. You can celebrate theme birthdays here. Take your kids and their friends in Teeny Town and have an incredible play party. It’s the fastest growing kids’ play zone in Delhi. The location is very convenient as well. It has a valet parking. So why don’t you give it a try?