Give your kid the perfect childhood

For me childhood was stuck on the last seat of the bus waving from the rear window to the ‘me’ now, the one that now stands still on a traffic signal waiting for the light to turn green. For the childhood me ‘waiting’ simply was just for the bus to reach home so that I can find the bubblegum Chiclets that my father left for me at home. Every day one strip with three tiny chiclets. I used to love that! It was the one tiny thing that my father did every day, never failing to remember. It meant a lot for me, just because I loved chicklets but now, it means a whole lot more, now that I understand how much he cared for my love of tiny things that he never used to forget my little treat, even on the darkest of the days, when he couldn’t find any motivation to leave home. It was his motivation. When I remember those childhood tales, those touching little tiny moments I feel, it was worth it all. This journey of growing up, especially growing up to be their daughter was quite a journey I would never want to miss!
How I feel about those memories and how I try to recreate those for my little daughter. I would really have my daughter to remember wonderful little details of her childhood when she is all grown up and stuck in a traffic jam. I want her to meet the little girl in her way back home; I want her to remember being her. I want her to have some of the brightest of her childhood days. And what I really want most as a mother? It’s to give her a childhood worth remembering.
It’s funny how it’s become even easier for me now than buying a chiclet everyday. Teeny Town has actually made my effort a lot lesser. It’s like they know the psyche of my kid. They understand childhood so well and what they excel at is making it the utmost fun for the little ones while they not only play but also create some wonderful memories and self-learn, gain practical experience and know more about everything in the process.
Teeny Town, a place for your kids to have their perfect childhood memories, if you ask me!