Go for a safe indoor playground, go to Teeny Town!

Our childhood memories always came with little scratches on either of our knees! The childlike enthusiasm is never curbed with such little challenges, so we went on playing in our own dream stage. But those days are over now our kids can be equally wretched with no scratches at all, indoor playgrounds are here. And the best part is, it has all the fun that an outdoor play ground can offer, only it’s designed inside with intricate interior setup keeping in mind your child every need and finally assuring a safety of everyone around with proper supervision.

Assuring the safety of your indoor playground is the first priority. We take care about that, we believe it’s our first responsibility to ensure the well-being of your children. That is the reason we keep in mind the following safety precautions that every indoor playground should abide by. So before choosing the indoor playground for your little one, please go through the list and check before you choose your kid’s indoor playground.

Playing safe: Look out for the playroom, is it spacious, are there soft flooring, is there any moving object or equipment? Make sure your common sense play a role while choosing for a play zone for your kids. Teeny Town offers you soft flooring, safe play zone and the movable objects are only soft toys.

Adult Supervision: We definitely do not leave kids on their own, they get all the liberty to play the way they want and go wherever their imaginations go, but we always keep an eye on their activities and make sure we catch them before each time they stumble upon any obstacle.

First Aid: When we make sure that your kid is entirely sure inside our playground walls we also have a First Aid service if there is any emergency, we also have on call doctors.

The reason Teeny Town offers one of the best indoor playgrounds in Delhi is we always keep the safety precaution list in front.