Kids Activities

Role-Play Activities for Kids

The kids will experience the whole world in Teeny Town as the fun begins here and leaves the positive impact on them at end. All the activities are designed in a way so that kids may easily get them involved in those and can learn with fun.

Restaurant - Let the master chef come out from them. Practicing the human service where they will feel and act like a real chef.

Saloon - It will be the best pretend play for the fashion lover kids. They will behave like an expert in giving you with make over and hair styling.

Clinic - Practice the human service by Pretending to be a doctor can play an important role in your kid’s life. So why not to give them an opportunity to be a doctor.

Supermarket - How’s the plan to operate a super market of their own? Let your kid convince the customer, handle the cash counter or check the stock inventory.

Camping - Lets plan to spend an adventurous time. Pack a baggage and stay in a tent. Wall climbing could also be an adventurous idea, isn’t it?

Ball Blasting - The basics of team building, strategy making, competition and winning power, which kids learn in their early ages. Ball blasting game encourages them to be target focused.

Toddler soft play - This area is perfect for the toddlers as floor and toys here are made as soft as your small kid. So let them play with liberty keeping your fear away for any harm or wound.