Valet Parking For the convenience of the parents, Teeny Town provides valet parking area where the parents can safely park their car and remain relaxed. You don’t need to look for parking area or worry for the safety of vehicle while visiting us.

Pretend Play For emotional, social, language and thinking skill development in a child, it is important to allow them to play with their imagination and learn. For this, Teeny Town has Pretend Play activities which make your child imagine, play, learn and grow.

Play Area Tenny Town has a huge play area which is filled with various games and Pretend play activities. The kids will get a pleasing environment where they can play, learn and grow, without getting any wound or harm.

Toddler Play Area: For Toddlers, Teeny Town has an exclusive toddler play area where the floor and toys are made of soft materials. Your toddler can play safely without any harm, and you can remain relaxed.